The Alphabet That Changed the World, How Genesis Preserves a Science of Consciousness in Geometry and Gesture

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More than an Alphabet for One Language
by Shiratha, 12 June 2015
After reading so much of Stan Tenen’s work online, I was excited to get the book. It parallels the work I have done in Hebrew and science (neuroscience); so, I have been enjoying every minute discovering how it developed his ideas over time. The book cannot be read quickly even if you are a scientist and student of linguistics as I am. After studying many languages, I recognized the special nature of Hebrew from the first day I began as “Ani Talmidah”. Stan Tenen has connected various disciplines to show the unique connections of philosophy, science, language, cognitive processes, and the expressions of ultimate meaning through a system called an “alphabet”; yet, the final conclusion of his work has a much deeper significance about human consciousness…I am certain to reread [this book] over many years as I complete my own revelations of science and cognition from Hebrew and other ancient sources.

All is Within
by Glass Bead Game Player, 1 October 2011
How can so much timeless, universal wisdom be contained in a single book? This is not just an historical and scholarly work, it models “all that is” for seekers after truth. Of vast scope, beautifully and clearly presented, this work overflows with brilliant and original ideas connecting ancient alphabet, world myth, modern science, sacred geometry, mystical and religious tradition, human consciousness, foundational ethics, and more. And the illustrations throughout complement the text and summarize the main ideas wonderfully well. Cherish this book, it transcends the ordinary.

by Telestei (Kyoto, Japan), 28 August 2011
I was pleased to see this is a work finally published. The implications are awe inspiring and profound… it is a fresh and revealing new work that students and scholars of consciousness, religion, transpersonal psychology, noetic sciences, information theory, spirituality, semiotics, theoretical physics, and evolutionary philosophy would do well to study and consider seriously. Not New Age fluff, and no religious ax to grind. Not an easy read, but certainly a compelling one.

A Masterpiece
by Moin Ahmed, 13 July 2011
I have been a researcher of religion and consciousness for almost two decades and read almost 1000+ books in this area. This is a significant contribution in consciousness studies and on gestural origin of language. Looking from islamic perspective there is also coding in the Koran as there is in the Torah. Lot of the islamic ritiual like Salat postures take a form of arabic alphabet and they communicate Unity/or Oneness of the creator as a sequence. Stan has managed to show this Unity from diversity from the first verse of genesis. I find toroidal principle in all areas of science from string theory , Chaos theory etc. Interestingly torus(modular elliptic curves) played a significant role solving Fermat Last Theorem. It’s not a co-incidence that first verse of genesis maps to a toroidal structures when you pair the letters on a bead chain. David Bohm’s idea of implicate order/ wholeness and holographic principle fits with this picture as well. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is curious about origin of language and Nature of consciousness and GOD.

The First Viable “Theory of Everything”
by Daniel Gil, 10 July 2011
To quote the pre-eminent mathematician Ralph Abraham, Professor of Mathematics, UC Santa Cruz; author of “Foundations of Mechanics” (with Jerrold E. Marsden) and “Bolts from the Blue”, who endorsed Mr. Tenen’s book: “In the archeological literature we find a certain number of anomalies, which boggle the conventional scientific mind. These are the current Great Wonders of the World. The list of usual suspects include the great pyramid of Egypt, the 60-base arithmetic of Sumer, the Mayan calendar, and the Upper Paleolithic cave paintings. To this list we must now add, thanks to Stan Tenen’s decades of meticulous research, the text of Genesis and the origin of the Torah Hebrew alphabet in a gesture language. Tenen’s brief for his thesis depends upon a broad spectrum of technical material from mathematics and mathematical physics . . . It is my conviction, based on my professional background in modern geometry and topology, that his utilization of this difficult material is impeccable. This book is an important and original contribution to the scientific research literature. It may boggle the mind, but the detailed brief presented in full in this book leaves no easy escape from Tenen’s theory: our alphabet was designed from a proto-language of hand gestures.”
This book is a rare gem. It presents an excellent, and peer reviewed scientific concept through lucid and engaging writing. Meaning, you don’t have to be a scientist to understand what Mr. Tenen is proposing, yet if you are a scientist, you will find this work quite in line with the highest standards of modern science. I am a musician and studio engineer, and I found the concepts to be incredible, and yet credible and a pleasure to read, hard to put down actually. This is an extremely well researched book. Unlike the vast majority of books which claim to be reclaiming something or other, this book actually does. It is actually a re-discovery of an ancient system of thought and analysis, which is surprisingly totally on the cutting edge of modern physics and cosmology.
—Review ©2011 Daniel S. Gil
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Well Worth the Effort
by Thomas Carroll, 8 October 2011
Why are the Jews spoken of in tradition and scripture as The Chosen People? Why was such a strict warning put in place to discourage scribes and scribblers from altering even the smallest bits of the Bible? Even as individuals and societies are maturing from magical and mythic to rational and trans-rational understandings of the world, answers to these questions seem to be emerging from the background noise – where, it seems they had been hidden in plain sight.
As Stan writes in his most recent news letter, (Oct. 2011), from which I have excerpted and edited a few sentences, “A functioning science of consciousness would have real implications for personal health and global healing. For example… a caring minyan, (group of ten or more persons), can maintain and correct, if necessary the health of each of the individuals. Thus, if one member is deficient in some regard – has an illness or a limitation – they would be brought up to health by immersion in the waters of the consciousness of the entirety of the Minyan. By this means it might be possible to demonstrate the actual, objective healing qualities of a properly functioning minyan/assembly. Diseases of the mind, and also diseases of gene expression, might be directly affected. This is, potentially, a real effect that can be demonstrated to be either true or not. All of this and much more, comes with the recovery of meaningful structure to the letters and the alphabet as a whole.”
Remembering Arthur Clark’s third law of prediction which states, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” One begins to suspect that someone left us a message very much like the Arecibo project and the Golden records placed on the Voyager Satellite. Does this subtract from our notions of G-d and the Divine origin of scripture? It need not. Understanding that all things “happen” in observance of law – laws of nature which can be no more or less than Divine law – no one’s belief system is diminished. Contemplative traditions are equally respected as phenomenology can be explained and or experienced at every stage of manifestation.
So: 1. Why are the Jews referred to as “The Chosen People?” Maybe this “refers” to the fact that they were given the assignment of preserving the integrity of the user’s manual/incubation box – not just the one for the human race but the whole world of form – the playground of consciousness!
And 2.) Why must we never alter the biblical text? The answer may be that embedded in these writings is information so important and so specific that a single mistake would be catastrophic.
For example; Life depends upon water which must be composed of only two atoms of hydrogen and only one atom of oxygen. Very specific! Change one jot and every tittle is toast. This is just one example of the extreme specificity of a multitude of life sustaining compounds and processes.
In my estimation, Stan Tenen’s book is our latest, best chance of recovering a message known but lost then found only to be lost… and found again – a message that not only answers the big questions, but is in fact the medium wherein and whereby the whole show is preformed and reenacted, ad infinitum. Fruit containing a seed, the seed from which grows the tree which produced the fruit – information dancing in and out of form and the void. Sound familiar to you students of quantum misunderstanding and all who zing in the key of zen?
Stan is too much the scientist to speculate about the range of implications embodied in his work – but my intuition is screaming! What the world needs now is clarity, resolution and access to life’s preservative and restorative processes.
In the beginning was the word. And then the word got written in a book. And then someone else wrote a book and the fight was on. Beyond knowledge of good and evil the world needs The Tree of Life – the source of life. A fruit tree bearing fruit which contains the seeds of another fruit tree is a picture with which readers of The Alphabet That Changed the World will become very familiar.
The Alphabet That Changed the World is not light reading. In my opinion it could have been better organized in an effort to make it more accessible to a wider audience – my only reason for bestowing four instead of five stars. But these criticisms are peripheral. The information Stan’s book contains is far too important to quibble over style and presentation. However difficult – just work it through. You will be well rewarded.

I waited a long time
by Sam DeRenzis, 19 July 2011
My story of how I found Stan’s research is very simple, when I was in high school around 1999 I received a catalog in the mail with very unusual and fascinating things, technology, and the like. It had things like a amplifying ear dish (to hear through walls), night vision binoculars and just outlandish and expensive gizmos. So after enjoying a thorough look through this I came across a rather unusual entry that said “discover the secrets of the universe” or something similar. Sadly it had no other description of what it was and that left me thinking “no it can’t be anything that great.” However it stuck in my mind and after a month or so I ordered it for quite a high cost, don’t remember exactly what. I received this videotape and was looking forward to watching it, after an hour I was like “what the hell is this?” I was totally lost and even though I’d had interest in metaphysics and hyperdimensions I decided to put it aside for later. So time passed and I was extremely bored but it stuck in my mind, that promise of “discover the secrets of the universe”. Well I watched it again, and again, and finally I understood some of it….. and I could hardly believe it. I was stunned. Stan was explaining how all letters in a single language were composed of a single 3-dimensional object being projected into 2-dimensions, I was flabbergasted. The mere fact this existed was unbelievable but there he was and it made perfect sense.
Since that time I followed their site and work always waiting for the day he’d finally release a book just like this one. Whether there really is a meditation to transcend ego within the dance of the letters I can’t say, but I hope there is. I’ve just begun reading the book but I love how he takes you very slowly through what he’s discovered and doesn’t just jump in to confuse you. I have waited a long time for this and nothing could disappoint me except if it had never been released.
The importance of this work cannot be fully understood until you examine it, which I fully intend to try lol It’s definitely complex but it’s also simple in a sense. I admit that I don’t know anyone who would really understand or appreciate this book but I really hope with it’s publication more people that CAN will be exposed to it and begin to really see how important it is both to our lives and way of thinking. Congratulations on finally getting it done!